Craftmas: Released

Woo! Craftmas is LIVE! Visit the Craftmas Steam page to download some virtual holiday delight from us at Freeform Labs, and our project partners at MANDT VR. Follow the project via the Craftmas Facebook Page to stay up-to-date.


Craftmas is a virtual winter wonderland where anyone can create their own colorful 3D ornaments, decorate a tree, and take pictures to share their festive world.

Whether you wish to build a simple snowman or a masterfully-engineered sleigh, Craftmas gives you the easy-to-use tools to get creative in 3D. Built for first-time VR users as well as experienced early-adopters, the Creation Station features both Easy and Advanced modes. 

We created Craftmas to share our love for VR with friends and family - and now, the broader community - in a way that brings everyone together. 
You're able to take and share snapshots of your virtual creations in-game to share with friends and family.


  • Sculpt colorful metallic ornaments in stereoscopic 3D

  • Decorate a tree with your ornaments

  • Rotate the tree to reach new areas for your ornaments

  • Take pictures inside the experience to share with others

  • Rearrange items in the scene to best suit your space

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