New websites

We have two shiny new websites - one for Freeform Labs, and another for our flagship game, ElemenTerra. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop about upcoming projects, events, and more! Thanks for stopping by!


Freeform Labs

Freeform Labs, Inc. is a games and software development team with a commitment to providing the highest quality of digital craftsmanship, and a mission to inspire learning and creativity through cutting-edge experience design. The team is centrally located in Los Angeles, and maintains a network of trusted partners across the globe.
With specialized experience in VR, AR, Game AI, and more, Freeform Labs provides an array of services including consultation, work-for-hire software development, and on-site "ship it" assistance. The company's portfolio includes work for Microsoft, Disney, and Starbreeze - as well as award-winning original content.